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University Level Assistance

University Level Assistance

We appreciate that university can be a big step up from school, both from an academic and pastoral perspective. Academically, the work is a lot more demanding and universities often have a different support network to that of a school. It’s natural for students to feel a little overwhelmed and want extra support in their university studies to ensure that they get the grade that they require. At Pembroke, we support students throughout their time at university, reviewing particular topics, helping with essay writing technique and planning and structuring extended essays and dissertations.

Tuition usually takes place online to ensure that students are matched with the best tutor. The majority of our tutors studied at Oxford or Cambridge University, though where appropriate, we like to match students with a graduate from their course or university, particularly where topic-specific knowledge plays an important part in the required work. As university level tutoring often takes place online, we offer maximum flexibility when it comes to arranging times for tutorials with students.

Pembroke Tutors prides itself on reacting quickly to client needs. We do our utmost to support students who are looking for last minute revision help for impending examinations or a careful eye to review coursework with a tight deadline.

Course Revision:

Whether students are looking for a few hours of tutoring to review a particular topic, support with revision for impending examinations or more comprehensive support throughout their degree, Pembroke Tutors are here to help. We pair students with a tutor who is familiar with their course and studied their subject to degree level. For ad hoc support, we pair students with a tutor who will be available to help as and when the student requires; lessons are conducted online via a video conferencing and file sharing platform to replicate face-to-face tuition as closely as possible.

For more intensive support, the first thing we like to do is create a tuition and revision plan to ensure that there is a firm structure in place. We find that this calms students, removing any fears of failing to cover the whole course. Students can start to learn at university and not worry if they don’t understand a topic in a lecture, knowing that they have the support in place to help them understand the more challenging concepts.

Essay Writing Technique:

University is the first time that students are expected to write ‘academic style’ essays. With little training, it is natural to find it quite challenging. We have helped many undergraduates and even postgraduates improve their essay writing technique, following a course that we have designed in-house to teach students how to manage reading lists, plan and structure their essays. We also help students improve their written English, elevating their English to a professional, academic level.

Extended Essay and Dissertation Support:

With many courses demanding extended essays and dissertations that constitute a sizeable share of the total marks of the degree, it’s important to get them right. Our tutors can help from proofreading to supporting students in structuring their essays and understanding content. We like to pair students with graduates who have an expert knowledge of the subject in which the student is writing their essay to ensure that students not only produce a well structured essay written in good English, but also produce a comprehensive essay that shows thoughtful understanding of the key issues underpinning the essay title and taken consideration of counter arguments.