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Some of the UK’s top schools prefer offering certain subjects in the Cambridge Pre-U and Winchester College among others now offers all Pre-U subjects, deeming the Pre-U to be more akin to the traditional A levels course. The Pre-U is a well regarded qualification and known to be one of the more challenging examination options.

Our tutors can teach the full spectrum of the twenty-five subjects offered in the Cambridge Pre-U as well as the short courses. We also support students in Global Perspectives and their independent research project. The Cambridge exam board explicitly states that the purpose of the Pre-U is to develop students’ critical thinking and problem solving capabilities and as such, it is important that students are paired with a tutor who is able to stretch them and take them outside of their comfort zone. To attain top marks in the Pre-U, students will need to be able to apply what they have learnt in the Pre-U course to problems that they have not faced before. Therefore, once our tutors have taught the exam syllabus and ensured that the student has a strong grasp of the key concepts, their focus will turn to exam technique, teaching the student to apply what they have learnt and to squeeze all the available marks from any given question.