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The Pre-Test

The Pre-Test

As you may be aware, ISEB claim no preparation is necessary for the ISEB Common Pre-Tests (the most common form of pre-test). Like most parents, we appreciate that the Common Pre-Tests (like all pre-tests) are rooted in the Key Stage 2 English and maths national curriculum and therefore preparation is both possible and necessary.

The ISEB Common Pre-Tests are computerised tests, meaning they are taken online. The tests consist of a 25 minute English test, a 50 minute maths test, a 36 minute Verbal Reasoning test and a 32 minute Non-Verbal Reasoning test. The tests are typically taken at the student's school and the results will be shared with the schools where the student has been registered which subscribe to the ISEB Common Pre-Tests.

The senior school will then usually make a choice on whether the student will be invited to a school specific assessment later in year 6 or year 7. For more information on specific school assessments, please feel free to get in touch with Anastasia, our schools expert, by clicking here.

We have specific tutors who are experienced in preparing students of the ISEB Common Pre-Tests (and other pre-tests). Given the lack of guidance by ISEB regarding appropriate preparation, we feel it is essential to have an experienced tutor in place assisting our students about to undertake the exam. Our pre-test tutors are familiar with various practice resources available and how to balance them. They are experts at honing exam technique, enabling students to feel comfortable answering multiple choice questions on a computer while under significant time pressure.