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Oxbridge Admissions

Oxbridge Admissions

Pembroke provides expert support and guidance to students applying for entry to Oxford or Cambridge University. We believe that our success is rooted in the careful recruitment of experienced tutors with a proven track record. Our Oxbridge graduate tutors have built up a wealth of experience helping numerous students achieve their aspiration of attaining a place at Oxford or Cambridge. For 2015 and 2016, 55% of Pembroke students achieved a place at Oxford or Cambridge as opposed to the national average of 20%.

Oxford and Cambridge are looking for academically mature, independent thinkers and as such our services aim to develop students accordingly. The service begins with a 1 hour private consultation between the student applicant and an Oxford or Cambridge admissions consultant. The admissions consultant will provide a detailed report on the student’s strengths and weaknesses and advise on the exact support required to boost chances of entry. We offer bespoke programmes to applicants that consist of some or all of the following services:

Subject, University & College Selection:

Our admissions experts draw on individual course, college and university admission statistics, our own in-house knowledge of courses and the collegiate system as well as the student’s individual preferences to help them make the right choice.

Personal Statement Support:

A good personal statement is essential to attaining an interview at Oxford or Cambridge, and the personal statement often forms part of one of the interviews. Our mentors work hard to ensure that each personal statement maximises the applicant’s chances of gaining an interview while at the same time staying true to them.

Admissions Test Preparation:

Admissions tests are an important factor in deciding which candidates to shortlist for interview. Pembroke’s subject mentors have dedicated a large amount of time and resources to researching the optimal way to prepare for admissions tests, and have put together subject specific plans to ensure that applicants reach the requisite level in time for the admissions tests.

Interview Preparation:

From speaking to numerous successful applicants and Oxbridge professors, as well as examining the ways in which the UK’s top independent schools prepare students for Oxbridge interviews, we have designed courses that provide students with the necessary foundation to excel at interview. Students will be assigned a mentor, who will take them through Pembroke’s subject specific courses, mirroring the Oxbridge tutorial system as far as possible.

Mock Interviews:

At Pembroke, we create our own in-house interview content, which is reviewed by current Oxbridge professors to ensure that our mock interviews come as close to the real thing as possible. All interviews are carried out by experienced, Oxbridge graduates, who the applicant has not met before to ensure that the experience is authentic.


  • ‘I’m thrilled that I've been offered a place to read engineering at St. Catherine’s, my first choice college. I really appreciate all the effort Pembroke Tutors put in to helping me gain a place. I really don’t think I could have done it without you.’ Successful Oxford Applicant.

  • ‘...parents are beginning to realise that your team offer them the best chance of seeing their children go to Oxford or Cambridge - thank you, we are very proud...’ Parent of successful Cambridge Applicant.

  • ‘Pembroke offered a professional and dedicated service from start to finish…’ Parent of successful Cambridge Applicant.

  • ‘You have been a wonderful tutor - thank you so much for your patience and focus during our sessions. I truly believe this process would have been so much more difficult without you.’ Successful Cambridge Applicant.

  • ‘We sought out Pembroke on recommendation by a family friend. The dedication and commitment the tutor showed was exceptional, and we are extremely grateful to Pembroke for the services offered.’ Parent of successful Cambridge Applicant.