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Our Approach

Our Approach

Pembroke Tutors is dedicated to providing a small group of professional tutors and qualified teachers to all of its students. We believe many of the largest tuition agencies in London fail to make the distinction between a clever graduate and a clever graduate who is also a brilliant, engaging and informed teacher.

Pembroke respect the trust that parents place in us to support their children and work hard to ensure that each child fulfils their potential. While we appreciate that our primary purpose is often to help students achieve a specific academic goal, such as school or university entry, we pride ourselves on making lessons fun and enjoyable.

We distinguish ourselves from other agencies through our rigorous approach to tutor-recruitment, our client-tutor matching process and our dedicated client service:

Tutor Recruitment:

We believe the quality of our tutors is the primary reason that we are trusted by schools and respected within the industry. Pembroke’s tutors are our most important asset and we work tirelessly to ensure that we retain the best educators in London.

We realise that parents want more than just an excellent academic background from a tutor. Pembroke’s tutors must have a comprehensive knowledge of the UK national curriculum, understand the various entry requirements for top prep and senior schools and be familiar with the various assessment objectives of the major exam boards such as ISEB, AQA, Edexcel and OCR.

Besides this, we appreciate our tutors should serve as role models to their students. As such, our tutors have all excelled outside of their studies in a diverse array of extracurricular studies from music and sport to theatre and enterprise. Finally, we know that parents want a tutor who is committed long term to their child’s academic development; for that reason we recruit tutors who are transparent about their future plans and are prepared to fully commit to each child they work with for as long as they are required.

Client-Tutor Matching:

We want to ensure that all of our clients are completely happy with the selected tutor before tutorials begin. Unlike other agencies, we don’t charge for the “tutor matching process”. Whenever possible, we like our clients to meet with the prospective tutor in a free-of-charge, informal meeting either online or in-person before deciding whether they would like to proceed with a trial tutorial. We use a four-step process to find the right tutor for our clients:

Step 1 - Call or email us with your enquiry

Once you have made contact with Pembroke, we will take the time to understand your requirements. We want to match students with tutors who we feel will help them excel at their chosen subject, boosting their confidence and inspiring a real thirst for learning. That means going beyond the subject and level at which a student is studying and gaining an insight into their personality, learning style, strengths and weaknesses.

Step 2 - Receive appropriate tutor profiles

Once we understand your exact requirements, we email you one or more profiles of the tutors that we consider most suitable to the student’s needs. Our tutor profiles include a profile picture and are designed to tell our clients as much as possible about the prospective tutor, from their academic record through to their interests, teaching style and previous teaching experience.

Step 3 - Free of charge meeting with a selected tutor

All our clients have the chance to either trial one of the tutors in a substantive tutorial or meet with the tutor in a free-of-charge informal meeting at their home, preferred meeting point or online. We encourage parents to meet with prospective tutors before progressing with tutorials for the following reasons: You can make a more informed decision as to whether you would like to proceed with formal billable tutorials.

The tutor can meet with the parent and student to talk through areas that require particular focus so that no time is wasted in the first billable tutorial.

Step 4 - Agree a schedule and begin tuition

Once you are happy with your tutor, we agree a schedule with clear attainment goals before tutorials begin.

Client Service:

We know that our client service (and the quality of our teachers) sets us apart from all other tutoring agencies. We offer seven day per week client service and are always on hand for last minute requests or changes. Unlike other agencies which operate during normal working hours, we believe that it is necessary to be available to our clients at all times of day, seven days per week.

We respond quickly to all client enquiries and ensure that our tutors provide comprehensive reports on their students’ progress at the end of each month.