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Online Tuition

Online Tuition

With rapid advances in technology, online tuition is becoming a popular alternative to traditional in person, face-to-face tuition. We believe that, when it’s done in the right way, online tuition can be as good as offline tuition and is an excellent option, particularly for international clients or clients that are not based in London. We use a combination of low bandwidth video conferencing, interactive whiteboards, screen and file sharing software to mirror in person tuition as closely as possible. Student and tutor are able to chat across high quality video, draw out problems, highlight text, view one another’s screens and share files easily in what makes for a comprehensive tutoring environment. Pembroke have had a huge amount of success with online tutoring from supporting students with their GCSEs, A levels and IBs, through to home schooling a student exclusively online for over a year.

Whether tutoring takes place online or offline, our approach is still the same. We take the time to understand a client’s needs so that we can match them with the right tutor. Before tuition begins in earnest, the tutor will create a programme so that the client has a framework in which to learn and clear goals to work towards.

There are a number of reasons why we recommend online tutoring to our clients:

Access to the best private tutors:

Online tutoring means that anyone with an internet connection, wherever they are in the world, can have access to the best tutors in London. Where appropriate, we recommend online tutoring to our international clients as well as clients who spend a significant proportion of their time outside of London, either at boarding school or abroad. Rather than being forced to settle for tutors in their local area, clients are able to pick and choose from some of the very best private tutors in London. It means that clients not only have access to exceptional tutors, but also have access to tutors who can teach a far broader range of subjects.

Increased flexibility:

Online tutoring is far more flexible: you can be tutored anytime, anywhere, from the comfort of your own home. Since tutors work from home, they can offer tutoring at a greater range of times as they do not need to travel. Online tutoring is also a great supplement to in person tutoring: if a student goes on holiday or is at school outside of London during term time, they can still continue with their lessons, switching online.

Cost effective:

Online tutoring is cheaper. Given that some of the tutoring rate includes travel time and cost, which in London often ends up being one hour each way, tutoring can be much more cost effective when conducted online.