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In-person Tuition

In-person Tuition

Pembroke Tutors began by offering in person tuition and to this day, it is still our most popular method of tutoring. Our professional tutors and qualified teachers come to the student’s home or to an agreed meeting point to work with the student one-to-one in order to achieve their goals. All tutors are DBS checked so that you can rest assured that children can be left with a safe and responsible adult.

Why choose in person tuition?

Building a rapport:

Offline tuition is still the best way for a student to build up a strong rapport with their tutor. The best tutoring takes place over a period of time whereby tutor and student build up a long term relationship, and become mutually driven by the student’s progress. It is also far easier for the tutor to gauge the student’s temperament in person and adjust their teaching style intra-lesson accordingly.

Working through problems is easier:

There’s a lot to be said for sitting down next to an experienced teacher and quickly explaining or drawing out your problem. For arts subjects, debating texts and essay questions is a key way of learning; dialogue is best when it’s face-to-face. It’s also very true that a lot can be lost in translation online; humour is an important part of learning, inspiring and motivating students to learn, and ultimately making lessons more enjoyable. There is much less scope for humour when tutoring online because it is so easy to misinterpret unless delivered in person.

Physical presence:

When students do not enjoy a subject or find it particularly difficult, offline tuition is best as the tutor’s presence can greatly motivate a student to work hard. We also recommend offline, face-to-face tuition for younger children, particularly children at the 11+/13+ age or below, as they can really benefit from having an adult figure beside them, encouraging them to work hard. At younger ages, concentration levels can play a huge part in the effectiveness of tuition; when the tutor is next to the student, they are able to quickly gauge the student’s concentration level and attention, and moderate their tutoring style accordingly.