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International Baccalaureate

International Baccalaureate

The IB (International Baccalaureate) has become popular with a lot of top independent schools and we find more and more requests are coming in for support with IB exams. It has a number of perceived advantages, well regarded for the rigour of its examinations, only one set of exams at the end of the final year of study and a broader syllabus. We often help students who struggle with either the maths or English elements of the course, or need support in one or more of the three course modules, TOK (theory of knowledge), EE (extended essay) and CAS (creativity, action and service).

Our IB tutors have almost always studied the IB course themselves and are intimately familiar with the subject specific syllabuses as well as the exam techniques required to score the highest marks. Our tutors begin IB tutorials with students by creating a bespoke programme that ensures that the student covers the whole syllabus while focusing on the parts that they find most challenging: one of the great things about one-to-one private tuition is that tutoring can be tailored to the individual, something of which we always take full advantage. Once a structure is in place to approach revision, we find that students typically feel calmer and can focus on doing the work rather than worrying about whether they will cover the whole syllabus in time or miss out on a crucial topic. Our tutors always study examiners’ reports and keep up-to-date with changes in the syllabus to ensure that they can continue to support students in aspiring to the highest grades.

The best candidates read around their subject and introduce material into their examinations that is not on the core IB syllabus. As such, our tutors encourage their students to read around their subject and will recommend extra materials to review such as articles, books and academic papers; with top universities offering high entry requirements for IB students, it is these little extras that can make a big difference.

With dedicated and experienced tutors, who are familiar with the IB exam board syllabuses and have researched examiners reports, we are confident that Pembroke Tutors offers the best IB support in London.