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At Pembroke, we’re fully aware of how daunting GCSEs can be. Common concerns from students include the sheer volume of content to learn, missing out on revising a topic that appears in the exam and exam technique. As such, when preparing students for their GCSEs, the first thing we do is create a structure for our students’ GCSE preparation, giving both the student and parent peace of mind that they will be able to cover all of the content in the available time.

We appreciate that when it comes to GCSEs, parents and students want a tutor who knows the exam board specific syllabuses and the relevant assessment objectives. We ensure our small group of tutors are up-to-date with all new developments from the major exam boards and have access to the most recent past exam papers so that parents and students can feel confident that every topic on the exam syllabus has been covered by the time the exams come around.

In our experience, most students do not have a problem learning content; it is in managing their time and honing exam technique where they fall short. Our tutors take the time to read through the latest examiners’ reports to ensure they are fully up-to-date with what is expected of students in order to obtain the highest grades. As the exams approach, tutorials become more focused on training students in exam technique, how to recognise types of questions and answer questions in a way that ensures that they achieve top marks.

GCSEs are formulaic; with every subject, there is a clear formula to attain top marks. We make sure that our tutors are fully aware of what is required to achieve a top grade and focus on imparting that knowledge to the student.