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Education Consultancy

Education Consultancy

The UK school system is a global leader in education, celebrated for its academically rigorous approach to education and holistic style of teaching, with students at UK schools excelling in music, drama and sport as well as academics. Students of the UK education system leave school, confident, well-rounded individuals, well prepared for the challenges that lie ahead at university and in the world of employment.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the UK school system, navigating myriad schools with different academic expectations, learning environments, facilities and focus on extracurricular activities. Pembroke’s education consultancy arm is led by Anastasia, who has over ten years experience working as the head of admissions at a leading UK public school. A former pupil at St Mary’s, Ascot, Anastasia’s knowledge of the UK schooling system, combined with her connections and dedicated approach is a winning formula for our clients seeking schools advice.

Anastasia will take the time to understand each family's’ requirements before providing recommendations. Over the last year, we’ve assisted more than fifty families find the right school for their children, and our students have gone on to achieve places at the U.K.’s leading prep and secondary schools, including:

Secondary Schools:

Westminster School, Eton College, Harrow School, Wimbledon High, St Paul’s Girls’ School, King’s College School (Wimbledon), City of London School, Ampleforth College, Marlborough College, Wellington College, Godolphin & Latymer, Winchester College, St Paul’s School, Wycombe Abbey School, St Mary’s School Ascot, Tonbridge School, Downside School, Dulwich (West Dulwich), Alleyn’s (North Dulwich), Emmanuel (Battersea), Highgate, UCS Hampstead, Merchant Taylors, Hampton, Charterhouse, King’s Canterbury, Stowe, Tonbridge, Downe House School.

Prep Schools:

Westminster Under School, Thomas’s Kensington, Thomas’s Battersea, Thomas’s Fulham, Chepstow House, Kensington Prep, Bute House, Wetherby School, Hill House, American School. Garden House School, St Paul’s Juniors.

After a free of charge introductory phone call with Anastasia, our education advice begins with a formal 60-90 minute consultation. It’s an opportunity for us to learn about what you are looking for in a school and for you to explore the UK schooling system, and gain insights into different schools from an industry professional’s perspective. Depending on the outcome of the discussion, we usually conduct an academic assessment of the child from which we can begin to shortlist appropriate schools based on the child’s academics, personality and the child’s and the parents’ wishes. Once a shortlist has been made, we support families throughout the application until the child’s first day at school. Our services can include arranging for school applications (and the appropriate introductions) to be made, carry out all necessary paperwork for enrollment, organise school visits and provide tuition where necessary to ensure that the student reaches the requisite level demanded by the admissions tests and interviews.

Initial Consultation:

The initial consultation, always conducted by Anastasia in person, is a sit down meeting to discuss what the family is looking for in a school, their child’s academic ability and extracurricular talents. Our close connections with schools, teachers, parents and pupils ensures that our advice is up-to-date and goes beyond what can be read in a school prospectus. Our advice is always objective and tailored to the individual family. Schools in the UK differ markedly in terms of their academic standards, extra-curricular focus and ethos. We appreciate that it’s an extremely important decision to make!

Depending on the outcome of the discussion, Anastasia might recommend an academic assessment to help her and parents make a more informed decision about the schools to which the student should apply.

After the initial consultation, we provide a written report with a list of suitable schools based on what was discussed. We are always available for follow up discussions and can support parents with finding out more about the schools, visiting the schools, speaking with current teachers and current and former pupils.

Academic Assessment:

The academic assessment consists of a one hour maths test, one hour English test and a half hour interview conducted by one of Pembroke’s education experts. Pembroke’s academic assessor will provide Anastasia and parents with a full, written report, detailing an overall assessment of the student’s current academic position within their peer group. As well as a report on their current academic level, the education expert will note strengths and weakness and offer advice on where to improve. Where relevant they include mitigating factors that should be taken into account when assessing the student’s overall position among peers. The academic assessment forms part of the education consultancy package that Pembroke provides to parents, and is often a key factor in helping parents select the most appropriate schools for their child. The academic assessment is particularly recommended for any parents, who are considering putting their child forward for scholarship exams.

Application Management:

Pembroke manages all aspects of the school application process, completing the necessary paperwork for clients to enrol their children and liaising with school staff throughout adhering to registration (and any other) deadlines.

School Visits:

We always recommend that parents and students visit the schools before they apply as it is the best way of getting a feel for schools, their similarities and differences. We arrange for parents to visit schools, and where possible, for parents to meet with staff, current and former pupils to build up a picture of the school and help them narrow down their choices.

Tuition and Interview Preparation:

A large proportion of Pembroke’s students are at 11+ and 13+ level. We are experts at preparing students for their school entrance tests, producing a plan of action to ensure that students cover and master the whole syllabus before they sit the pre-tests, 11+ and 13+ exams. Our 11+ and 13+ tutors are highly experienced in preparing students for the ISEB Common Pre-Tests, the 11+ and 13+ common entrance and scholarship papers, as well as for entrance tests prepared in house by individual schools.

Our tutors do not solely focus on academics but mentor students for their interview, nurturing a love of learning and encouraging them to pursue their interests. The mentoring aspect of Pembroke’s tuition services is vital for preparing students for interviews, often the key determinant in deciding whether a student is awarded a place or not.

For more information on 11+ and 13+ tutoring, please visit our 11+ and 13+ tuition pages.