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Early Development

Early Development

For children aged between three and six, Pembroke’s pre-prep tutors specialise in gently building a solid foundation and passion for learning.

Our tutors focus on basic problem solving, reading and writing English, and simple maths to inspire students with a love of learning from an early age. Our lessons instil crucial foundations that serve early learners well as they progress into mainstream education. Our focus on English and maths ensures that our students are unfazed by prep school entrance exams.

Pembroke Tutors support families in choosing a pre-prep for their child. London has a wealth of exceptional pre prep schools, many of which serve as feeder schools to the UK’s most famous prep schools. We will be on hand to help you choose the right school for your child and inform you of any entrance requirements that some of the most prestigious pre-preps now demand.

Building Confidence & Curiosity

We want to promote confidence within our students from an early age, encouraging them to be curious and ask questions. Our early development specialists aim to broaden horizons and foster a creative environment.

"At this young age, the student looking forward to sessions is the most important thing to me – I get huge satisfaction when the children I see each week light up when I come round for our lessons!’"

Grace (early development educator)