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Become a Pembroke Tutor

Become a Pembroke Tutor

We are always on the lookout for hardworking, dedicated tutors, who enjoy helping students achieve their academic goals. While academic excellence is a prerequisite, we employ tutors who have excelled outside of their studies and can serve as mentors as well as tutors.

What we offer:

  1. Favourable tutoring rates - Pembroke Tutors takes a smaller agency fee than other tutoring firms to ensure that we offer our clients and tutors the most competitive rates.
  2. Fixed Payment schedule - We pay our tutors regardless of whether the client has paid or not. Many agencies take months to pay their tutors.
  3. Long term relationships with clients - We are proud of the long term relationships that we have forged with our clients. Rather than ad hoc work, we source long term jobs for our tutors, offering them a steady income and the ability to plan their time effectively.
  4. Great Support - We take the welfare of our tutors very seriously and are always on hand to offer advice. Residential Placements - As well as regular tuition, we also place tutors on long term residential placements from 1 week to a year all over the world. Not only well paid with all expenses included, these offer a fantastic opportunity to experience life in another country.
  5. Online tutoring - We have partnerships with several overseas agencies that bring a lot of opportunities for online tutoring.

What we look for:

  1. All degrees - We recruit from all degree disciplines.
  2. Experienced, dedicated tutors - We like to recruit tutors who already have tutoring experience and who can commit to tutoring for a full academic year.
  3. University Admissions experts - We are actively seeking university admissions experts, with particular experience at Oxbridge entrance.