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A Levels

A Levels

AS and A Levels represent a significant step up from GCSE’s. All our tutors are graduates from top universities, the majority from Oxford or Cambridge, who have proven that they can perform at a very high level in all subjects that they tutor. The first thing a Pembroke tutor will do when preparing a student for their A levels is provide a structure for the student’s revision so that the student can feel confident that they will have sufficient time to cover all the material required before their exams.

Our tutors make it a priority to be well versed in the specific assessment objectives of each individual exam board and will always ensure that the student has covered all requisite content. A levels are not easy, and it is perfectly normal that students find some concepts difficult to grasp. Before moving onto exam technique, our tutors will go through the hardest aspects of the syllabus to ensure that the student is comfortable with all areas of the course; the tutor will then focus the remainder of tuition time on honing exam technique.

For A level, examiners have a tendency to phrase questions in unexpected ways in order to test a student’s knowledge. Examiners are looking for students to be able to apply what they have learnt to situations that they have not faced before. As such, exam technique is vitally important – as such, our tutors will aim to expose students to as many styles of questioning as possible and give them the confidence and ability to answer questions that might appear different to what they have faced before. Our tutors review examiners’ reports in order to gain insights into where students tend to lose marks and to find out what examiners want to see from students who aspire to the highest grades.

Examiners want to see that the best candidates have a genuine interest in their subject and have gone beyond the core syllabus. Our tutors encourage students to read around their subject, providing them with interesting articles, books and papers to read; the addition of relevant knowledge gained outside of the core syllabus can elevate an exam script to the highest mark!

Our focus is on ensuring that our students have learnt their A level syllabus, are comfortable with the most challenging concepts of the course and have developed a strong exam technique. We are thrilled to see the value that we add with students regularly scoring two or more grades higher after working with Pembroke Tutors.