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About Us

About Us

Pembroke Tutors was founded with a simple objective in mind: to provide a small group of professional tutors and qualified teachers who are all able to commit long term to each of our students. While most major tuition agencies in London are comfortable hiring hundreds or even thousands of clever graduates to act as tutors, at Pembroke we don’t believe a smart graduate equates to an excellent teacher. We’re committed to hiring and retaining the brightest young minds but we’re also committed to hiring teachers who are able to commit long term and who understand the UK national curriculum, exam board assessment objectives and school entry requirements.

Brilliant, dedicated teachers and a client service that’s always honest about when our tutors do and don’t have capacity to assist, quickly led to the business becoming oversubscribed and respected within the industry. Pembroke is one of only a handful of agencies operating in London that is trusted and respected by many of the top prep and senior schools. The vast majority of our UK students have either come to us through a school or current client referral and we take great pride in this.

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