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13+ Entrance

13+ Entrance

After the pre-test and any additional school specific assessments, students intending to gain entrance to a school at 13+ are expected to sit common entrance exams. These are often produced by ISEB though many schools, such as Winchester College, produce their own exams. At 13+, a greater range of subjects are tested. Students will sit English, maths and science papers as core subjects and will also be expected to sit exams in geography, history, religious studies and one language, usually French, Spanish, German, Latin or Classical Greek. 13+ is less prescriptive than the 11+ exams, though is set at a similar level to KS3.

Once subjects are chosen and exam dates are in the diary, we structure an effective timetable for students and their tutors to work towards to ensure that they are fully prepared and confident going into their exams. At Pembroke, we understand that these are the first set of meaningful exams that students will have sat across the full breadth of subjects and consequently, our tutors work hard to ensure that students grow in confidence as well as master syllabuses. When our tutors feel that students are comfortable with the material, focus shifts towards exam technique and to recognising the various styles of questioning that 13+ examiners use. A careful balance of covering the necessary content and focusing on exam technique ensures that Pembroke’s students perform to the best of their ability.

To date, we have helped students attain entrance to the following secondary schools schools (among others): Westminster School, Eton College, Harrow School, Wimbledon High, St Paul’s Girls’ School, Godolphin & Latymer, Winchester College, St Paul’s School, Wycombe Abbey School, St Mary’s School Ascot, Tonbridge School, Downside School, Downe House School.

‘Tim kept my son engaged and enthused throughout tutorials in the lead up to his entrance exams. His lessons were carefully prepared and exam focussed. No time was wasted and my son genuinely enjoyed the lessons – we could not be happier with Tim and Pembroke.’

Mrs Evans, 12 year old son