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11+ Entrance

11+ Entrance

At Pembroke one of our key priorities is to keep up to speed with the 11+ entry requirements of top senior schools in the UK. This helps to inform our recruitment process and tutor training sessions. As entrance to the top schools becomes evermore competitive, we need to constantly adapt and update the systems we have in place in order to offer genuine value to our clients, when preparing students for the 11+ exam.

Our contacts at top independent schools, as well as ISEB and other examining bodies help us to stay ahead of the game. We aim to match your child with a tutor intimately familiar with what is required to attain entry to your chosen school(s) and who can prepare lessons accordingly.

The 11+ examinations typically focus on maths, English and verbal and non-verbal reasoning testing. Our tutors follow in-house courses created by our 11+ experts that are updated annually to ensure that students are fully prepared for the most recent iteration of the entrance exams. It is important to note that while most schools use the ISEB common entrance exam, there are a number of variations of the 11+ exam. Familiarity with the type of exam at the prospective schools is vital to ensure that students stand the best chance of success.

Interviews usually form a key aspect of 11+ entrance; our tutors mentor students alongside academic preparation to ensure that they come across as well rounded individuals by the time of the assessment. This necessitates encouraging students to pursue interests beyond their curriculum as well as conversing with students to improve communication skills. Above all else, applicants should appear natural and unrehearsed; therefore our mentoring is focused on supporting students to explore the things that really interest them rather than forcing a rigid curriculum upon them.

To date, we have helped students attain entrance to the following secondary schools schools (among others): Westminster School, Eton College, Harrow School, Wimbledon High, St Paul’s Girls’ School, Godolphin & Latymer, Winchester College, St Paul’s School, Wycombe Abbey School, St Mary’s School Ascot, Tonbridge School, Downside School, Downe House School.