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Award-winning tuition, in person and online.

Small Tutor Group

We work closely with our 50 professional tutors and qualified teachers to ensure learning outcomes are achieved.

Subject Expertise

All our tutors are subject specialists and have deep knowledge of exam board curricula.

Long Term Commitment

Our tutors work with us for a minimum of two years. They can always commit for the full length required of each job.

Trusted by the heads of the UK's leading schools

Alex managed my daughter’s entry into the UK school system from start to finish: I was delighted with the ease and efficiency with which the process was managed.

Jemima, Parent of Year 6 Student

I have strongly recommended you to a number of friends and I hope they'll get in touch with you soon. I felt the change in my daughter's confidence and attitude to school had to come from someone outside of our family and Katie has been an absolute revelation. We are enormously grateful.

Helena, Parent of GCSE Student

Professional, dedicated and fast-moving - thanks to Pembroke Tutors, my son is going to Oxford!

John, Parent of 6th Form Student

This is a level up from other agencies we've used. Your tutors are evidently more experienced and knowledgeable on what needs to be taught. They come prepared with the right resources and lessons are taken seriously but I like the fact your tutors are still young and able to connect with my children.

Sophia, Parent of Year 5 and Year 7 Students

I am pleased to tell you that L got the scholarship at Wycombe Abbey. We couldn’t have done it without your help.

Ksenia, Parent of Year 6 Student

Pembroke offered thoughtful advice to my daughter when she was looking at different courses and helped her write a brilliant personal statement. I would definitely recommend them.

Liz, Parent of 6th Form Student

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Pembroke provides tutors for students of all ages in a wide variety of subjects. We assist students through one-to-one private tuition, online tuition, homeschooling and residential tuition. Find out More...


School Entry

Pembroke has tutors and teachers dedicated to providing academic support to guide students through the prep and senior school entry process. Find out More...


University Admissions

Every year we support numerous students through the UK (Oxbridge and Russell Group) and US (Ivy League) university entry process. Find out More...


Pembroke Abroad

We run educational revision camps in locations in Europe, Africa and Asia during the school holidays. Camps are rooted in the UK curriculum and UK school entry process. Find out More...

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